Solicitor Accounts

Since 2011 Solicitors been required to have a designated person responsible for Finance in the form of a COFA (Compliance Officer of Finance & Administration). This can be a heavy burden on a firm especially if a key person is being taken away from their day to day legal role to review financial controls and identify breaches.

At JJ+H we offer services such as internal control reviews and identification of potential breaches to highlight risk areas within the business.

We can also offer to complete the COFA services on a day to day basis, reporting back to the COFA with any findings, to free up the COFA to focus on their main task of running a legal practice.

Are you fully compliant with the SRA Accounts rules?

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Is financial compliance taking up too much of your time?

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Our services include:

  • COFA Services

    Completion of the COFA’s day to day compliance tasks and report back with findings.

  • Finance Health Check

    High level review of current finance processes including gap analysis against SRA Accounts rules.

  • Forecasts & Budgets

    Creation of annual budgets and preparation of monthly management accounts to show the firm’s performance.

  • Holiday and Absence Cover

    Legal Cashier support when existing staff are away from the office.

  • Risk/Breach Analysis

    Review of current risks/breaches to locate route causes and identify improvements.

  • Projects

    One off bespoke work to suit your firm’s requirements including Residual balance review, file reviews and annual SRA audit preparation.